Los vampiros aun existen/ Vampires Still do Exist: : Konstantinos: Books. Los Vampiros Aun Existen: Konstantinos: Books – See details and download book: Free Ebook Los Vampiros Aun Existen Fb2 By Konstantinos.

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It talks about blood-drinking, and the dangers of it. Published September 8th by Llewellyn Publications first published January 1st I am not sure if they were a real flesh and blood person that died and became a vampire but he was a ancient prince, people have sighted seeing some kind of spectral vampire in the cemetery numerous times, there have been nefarious konstanttinos rituals performed in the cemetery, demons have been summoned so I am not sure if it relate I like reading this konsrantinos so far but I’m not sure how it explains the “occult” truth about vampires when he didn’t even mentioned the Highgate Cemetery vampire in London.

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For example, at loot. All in all not bad.

Psychic vampires are a different and more chilling story. The one section of the book where he shouldn’t have been able to get exisgen wrong, the section on history and folklore, he managed to mispresent so much information that it made it worthless.

Vampires: The Occult Truth

Most surprising of all is that it comes from Llewellyn, a publisher that used to have some discernment, but apparently is now only interested in what sells. Most surprising of all is that I can hardly believe this book is receiving positive reviews and is selling so well. With each breath picture it coming closer to you. Some times they have tendril creeping from their auras in order to tap into the energy of others. In the Indus river value and the orient there were Vampire Gods with green faces and long fangs.


All mainstream modern browsers have cookies enabled by default, so if you’ve been directed to this page it probably means you’re uisng a weird and wonderful browser of your own choosing, or have disabled cookies yourself. He also gives helpful tips to protect yourself from psychic vampires.

The author bases his argument on keep an open mind and disregard all contrary evidence. Regardless however this book is worth a read for people who like me are interested in Vampires and theories surrounding them. The author has explained historical accounts of vampire sightings and encounters and even vampire hunters but I don’t see how it is connected to the occult so far.

The author, known only as ‘Konstantinos’ most likely real name; Nigel attempts to convince the reader that Vampires really exist With that being said, this isn’t a book for the girlies looking for more vampire giggles. For an example of the kind of apocryphal tosh the reader is subjected to on page 17 Konstantinos attempts to demonstrate that the ancient Sumerians believed in Vampires, he said that because they were less technologically advanced than us they were more ‘open minded’.

Vampires: The Occult Truth by Konstantinos

This was a joke. Nov 29, Josh Cummins rated it really liked it. And if you’re looking for genuinely terrifying vampires, you’ll need that. Much like music, we have to be in an open frame of mind to indulge in certain flavors!


Jul 09, Soukyan Blackwood rated it really liked it. Even enchanted bullets can kill them. However I did enjoy reading about what the vampire is considered to be across the world as well as read the tales of what others have seen or heard. He has also written numerous articles over the years.

These are not creatures to woo by. Refresh and try again. School Donation Program In Memory of What’s New – Home – Login.

However, the book uses some dialogue that may be confusing.

Konstantinos: Bibliography, and a List of Books by Author Konstantinos

Preview — Vampires by Konstantinos. People who are looking for respectful and well researched information on the real vampires who live in this world as well as the hysteria and folk lore.

His seemingly inaccurate information on biology was also pretty bothersome. This book was one of them, I didn’t remember any of it regardless of reading it in the past so I figured I would.

Konstantinos has a bachelors degree in English and technical writing.