The March issue of Al Qaeda’s Inspire Magazine is now out and is this time featuring The Lone Mujahid Pocketbook—drawing heavily on past issues—and. %E1%B8%A5im-media-presents-a-new- booklet-from-al-qaidah-in-the-arabian-peninsula-the-lone-mujahid-pocketbook/. The latest offering, Lone Mujahid Pocketbook, Spring , is published courtesy of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula’s Inspire magazine, and.

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Online Campaign Encouraging Lone Wolf Attacks in the West: The Telegram Account of the Isnad Group

Jihad recruitment has evolved into using pocoetbook mainstream format, it is now cool. Print and online magazines provide practical detailed instruction on how to commit terrorist acts. The latest offering, Lone Mujahid PocketbookSpringis published courtesy of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula’s Inspire magazine, and is available on multiple websites.

Using hip, modern language conventions and rap lingo, the cover asks “R U dreamin’ of wagin’ jihadi attacks against kuffar?

Just read ‘n’ apply the contents of this guide which has practical ‘n’ creative ways to please Allah by killing his enemies ‘n’ healing the believers’ chests. It offers Inspire ‘s glossy, high quality graphics and a professional finish to pages methodically detailing the types of bombs; the pocktebook locations for attacks and other ways to generally reap mayhem.


Using everyday supplies such as sugar, motor oil or pressure cookers, readers are enthusiastically encouraged to wage jihad in pocketboom communities.

Many of the features are repeats from Inspire ‘s first 10 issues. For example, “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom” and the “Ultimate Mowing Machine” offer simple, do-it-yourself advice to “cause chaos and terror among the public.

Mixing religious devotion with a desire to be cool in the MTV generation, the magazine offers an attractive picture for jihadi wannabes, perhaps inspired by the mass popular appeal of rapping gang-bangers who make gun violence “cool. A chart of Inspire themes and content can be seen here. Should I be worried? Submitted by Kelly KafirApr 13, I downloaded this to see what kind of crap they have planned for us Does this put me on a watchlist now?

Lone Mujahid Pocketbook | Connections: The Quarterly Journal

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