LIR Rechargeable Lithium ION Button Battery 1. Preface The purpose of this product specification is to provide technical information for the rechargeable. Model: LIR Prepared By/Date. Checked By/Date. Approved By/Date. Customer confirmation. Date. NoteKindly please sign on the above and send it back. LIR datasheet, LIR pdf, LIR data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, etc, RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM ION BUTTON BATTERY.

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BR is datashete similar to CRm, except it uses carbon monofluoride as positive electrode, instead of manganese dioxide found in CR Checking the values in the table shows them to be linear.

The two variables cab be swapped for solving for whichever is the unknown. Notify me of new comments via email. Such a charger is certainly advertised, but I would not be surprised if the specs are wrong. IEC standard defines battery as a round cell Many thanks for and ideas you may have.

Does anyone know of a good writeup on rechargeable batteries? Luckily, it is pretty easy to modify the board to charge lower capacity batteries.

The datasheet suggests a linear progression of doubling the resistor value will halve the output current. I should clarify the equation in my earlier reply: Using the max rate of mA with ohms, one can do the following: It’ll charge several 20mm type coin cell batteries.

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Similar Projects The Hackaday Prize. Depending on the model and manufacturer, batteries weigh around between 3. No luck finding it tho. What do you think? To get thi straight: Yes watch out for that, especially if you are just swapping LiR for a nonrechargeable CR Here is a review of the new charger module with a protection circuit: I wanted the charger to be as compact and simple as possible.


$1 Coin Cell Charger

Allow time for ocean freight from China for large datasueet of lithium containing cells. Fortunately LiRs are affordable datsaheet that you can afford to kill a few. Zubi flyer teaches coding to kids with programmable frisbee 24V input laptop adapter for airplanes, fork lifts, boats and heavy equipment Our EU Branch. I will whip out my iron right now: Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates Become a member.

$1 Coin Cell Charger | Hackaday

Thank you for your reply. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. With that formula, 33k would give about 36mA.

Does this project spark your interest? For more battery engineering resources click here: I took the guts of the Solder Sniffer project, which consisted of an MCP for the charge controller, and modified it a bit to charge an LIR I have recently seen a charger module with a protection circuit on the same board.

You can test it easily by datasheeh the other charge rates. Would it be somehow possible to still charge this 3. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You should Sign Up.

Bulk quantity Lithium Ion Button Cells for sale

Sure, coin cells usually last a long time — but do you really want to buy new ones and throw the old ones out? As I understand it, this charger has a termination voltage of around 4. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. The main change needed was the value of R3, which is responsible for setting the max charge current.


Lithium ion Rechargeable (secondary) Coin Cells from PowerStream

Can the datashfet usb port be used to charge and discharge the cell? View all 7 instructions. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at itthe charger I had ordered off Amazon didn’t work, so I decided to build my own. The capacity of these batteries is on average around mAh CR mAhbut they can handle discharge rate of about 70 mA, while CR max burst discharge rate is mAh. CR battery is used in many small devices and gadgets — its main features are small dimensions, wide temperature range, large capacity, low self-discharge rate and hence long shelf-life.

All files, including BOM to reproduce this project have been included and linked to in my github repository. Following are examples of solder tabs that have been made. Of course, the higher the resistor, the less charge current and thus the longer the battery will take to charge.

Watch out for commercial coin cell chargers that supply mA. Also note that manufacturers use both CR and custom designations. The Hackaday Prize.