The Ley Antisecuestro () gave prosecutors greater authority and established harsher penalties for anyone convicted of kidnapping. The Ley de. President Felipe Calderón sent Senate his proposal for a new Anti-kidnapping Law (Ley Antisecuestro) that will be officially introduced in Thursday’s Senate. LA FRACCIÓN DEL ARTÍCULO 73 DE LA CONSTITUCIÓN POLÍTICA DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS. “LEY ANTI-SECUESTRO”.

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The Inspector General provides the Secretary General with reports on the audits, investigations, and inspections conducted. Latest Get to know us. Penalize cover ups with more severity. Please enable JavaScript to correctly view this web site.

OAS – Organization of American States: Democracy for peace, security, and development

The General Secretariat has provided a series of options for funding it. Fostering Integral Development and Prosperity. Supporting Inter-American Legal Cooperation. The Organization of American States is the premier regional forum for political discussion, policy analysis and decision-making in Western Hemisphere affairs. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Press Releases Speeches Email subscriptions.

En Portada

You will be able to receive updates, find out who they are and learn out about projects, programs, internships, and scholarships in each office. The Antisecuedtro has discussed for several years the real estate issue, the funding required for maintenance and repairs, as well as antisecuestgo deferred maintenance of its historic buildings.


In his opinion, the recent massacre in Ciudad Juarez has impacted the President, showing him the gravity on the insecurity and violence. Evaluation reports are commissioned by donors.

Together, they seek to build cooperation among states and advance a common regional agenda on democratic governance, human rights, multidimensional security, and sustainable development. Social Media Facebook Twitter Newsletters. The OAS brings together leaders from nations across the Americas to address hemispheric issues and opportunities. Creation of special units antisecueestro authorities. Sentence of 30 years to life for individuals who pose as authorities without being so in order to carry out a kidnapping, and whose victims are under age, pregnant, 60 years of age or older, or have a physical or mental disability.

Find these documents from here.

More information may be found here. Antisecuestrl you will find information related to the OAS Strategic Planincluding its design, preparation and approval. The OAS executes a variety of projects funded by donors. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

The bill contemplates monitoring and placing electronic tracking devices on kidnappers released from prison after serving their sentence as a means to prevent further criminal behavior.

Reports of these evaluations may be found here.

Videos Photos Live Webcast. These reports are made available to the Permanent Council. Ability for judges to seize assets belonging to the kidnappers when the products, instruments, or objects sanctioned by law are not localized.

Por favor, abtisecuestro JavaScript para ver este sitio de web. Por favor ative o JavaScript para visualizar este site. Ensuring a Multidimensional Approach to Security.


President Felipe Calderón proposes an Anti-kidnapping Law

Increase penal severity for public servants, from any public security institute, that participate in the kidnapping of a minor or elderly individual of Approximately six weeks after the end of each semester, the OAS publishes a Semiannual Management and Antisecuesrto Report, which since includes reporting on programmatic results. Extend coordination among the three tiers of government whose challenges are the leu of information.

Yet, he clarified that it has been a very long time since a proposal arriving from the Executive office has been approved automatically, that they are discussed, evaluated, and revised with exhaustion. Prison sentence of 40 years to life for cases in which a victim dies. It proposes wiretapping private telephone calls when warranted by an investigation into a kidnapping and when justifiable before a public prosecutor. Terms of Service Privacy Security Admin.

Reports covering may be found here. Justice in Mexico is possible thanks to the generous financial support of: The full texts may be found here.

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