View and Download JVC GY-HMU instructions manual online. HD Memory Card Camera Recorder. GY-HMU Camcorder pdf manual download. Also for: . Thank you for purchasing this JVC product. Belore operating this In this manual , each model number is described without the last letter. (U/E) which means the Only “U”models (GY-HMU) have been evaiuated by UL. Enter below the. Buy JVC GY-HMU Compact Handheld 3-CCD Camcorder featuring 3-CCD, The current F stop is displayed in the viewfinder in the manual mode.

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Please read the following before getting started: Enter gt-hm150u the Serial No. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with dry cloth. Do not block any ventilation openings. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or Changes or modifications not approved by splashing.

This equipment has been with water. Brown wire to terminal coded L Live or coloured Red. Business users If in doubt — consult a competent electrician. If you wish to dispose of this product, please visit our web page http: Any commercial use without proper permission This equipment has been designed and manufactured is prohibited.

Even if you record an event such to meet international safety standards but, like any as a show, performance or exhibition for personal electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to In addition, the improved compatibility with PCs enables high-speed data transfer to NLE as well as reduction of operating costs.

Introduction Precautions for Proper Use Transportation Do not drop or hit this unit against a hard object when transporting. Power Saving Storage and Usage Locations When this unit is not in use, be gh-hm150u to turn off the power in order to reduce power consumption.

Although the CCD employed in this Others unit produces very little smear or blooming, these phenomena may still occur when shooting a bright light Accessories Attaching the Audio Unit The audio unit with handle is not attached gy-hm150y the camera recorder unit when purchased. Attach the audio unit according to the following procedure.

Attach the audio unit by sliding it all the way into the This camera recorder comes bundled with the following shoe on the top of the camera recorder. It is found on the under side.

Moves the cursor to the left on the menu screen or thumbnail screen. The supplied microphone is a phantom microphone.

Turn the knob on the microphone holder anticlockwise to loosen and open the microphone holder. Adjusting the Grip Belt Place the microphone in the microphone holder. Remove the hood when attaching a filter with external jvv 50 mm and belowteleconverter or wide converter Connect the battery charger to a power outlet using the to the front of the lens.


JVC GY-HM150U Instructions Manual

The camera recorder starts up in Camera mode. Battery Continuous Recording Time Memo: The [Initial Setting] screen appears. Move the cursor with the set lever and select the setting item. Change the values with the set lever Press the center of the set lever after setting is complete.

Select the time display style. Slide the write-protect switch upward to enable writing or deleting. Slide the write-protect switch downward to prevent writing or gy-hm10u. Shooting List of Formats Selecting System The following is a list of file formats and video formats that Definition, File Format and can be selected on this camera recorder. Set each of the items. Set to the Camera mode. Adjusting the Focus Using the Focus Assist Function Manually This feature temporarily switches the screen to black-and- white, and adds color to the contour of the focused image.

There are two ways to activate the Focus Assist function. Full Auto shooting mode A, Manual shooting On. Full Auto shooting mode A, Manual shooting mode M To increase the sensitivity when manyal dim surroundings, set to the Lolux mode.

After setting the value, press the [ADJ. ND appears on the screen. Full Auto shooting mode A, Manual shooting Applicable to: Full Auto shooting mode A, Manual shooting mode M mode M Shortens the closeup distance at the tele [T] end of the During video shooting, diagonal lines zebra pattern are zoom.

Specifying the Luminance Level Range for Adjusting Automatic White Balance Displaying Zebra Pattern As the color of the light color temperature varies according to the light source, it is necessary to readjust the white You can specify the upper limit Top and lower limit Bottom balance when the main light source illuminating the object of the luminance level range. White balance is automatically Balance continued adjusted according to the color temperature of the lighting on the object.

Manual shooting mode M Applicable to: Manual shooting mode M You can select the gain of the video amplifier using the The shutter speed can be set to a value according to the [GAIN] switch on the camera recorder. Full Auto shooting mode A, Manual shooting mode M Displays the color bars on the screen and starts recording. See below The picture quality of the camera can be set using the [Camera Process] menu. Camera mode, Media mode Applicable to: Camera mode Connect the headphone.

Setting continued The time code preset screen appears. Camera mode Applicable to: Camera mode You can append OK marks to the clips for important scenes. You can split the clips freely without having to stop recording during shooting.


JVC Pro Operation Manuals

Shooting Dual Rec Start recording. Shooting Backup Rec continued Stop normal recording. This mode allows you to consolidate several rounds of start- Applicable to: Camera mode stop recording into one clip. In this mode, recording starts with every press of [REC], and only the specfied number of frames is recorded. Set the number of frames to record in [Rec Frames].

A Page 64 frames specified in [Rec Frames] and pause. It cannot be played back deleted on the camera recorder. The following information is displayed. Clip name Record Format: Image size, frame rate, bit rate Rec Mode: Displayed only in the Detailed Properties 4×1 Thumbnails special recording modes not displayed in normal The thumbnail menu screen appears.

Clips appended with OK marks cannot be deleted, thus protecting the important clips. OK marks after shooting. Manuap OK mark is deleted. Confirm Screen of the set lever.

Moves the cursor upward. Moves the cursor downward.


Moves back to by-hm150u previous item. Setting Values Setting values for the menu items. A Page 62 Record Set A Page 63 Record Format A Page 70 Shooting Assist A Page 70 Marker Setting Mvc Page 71 Status Display Menu Display and Detailed Settings Main Menu Screen Some menus cannot be set depending on the operating mode or status of the camera recorder.

These items are displayed in gray, and they cannot be selected. Item Function Record Set Menu screen for specifying video or audio settings during shooting gy-bm150u playback.

The cursor does not move to this item during recording or in Media mode. Record Set Menu Record Format Menu After setting of all items in the [Record Format] menu is complete, select [Set] at the bottom of the screen to apply the new settings on the camera recorder jcc switch the record format. A Please Wait message appears during switching.

A Page 45 Pre Rec Memo: Set this item to reduce wind noise from the microphone. Enables low-cut on the audio. Top 5 sec Last 5 sec: Views about 5 seconds of the clip from the ending.

CLIP Top 5 sec: Views about 5 seconds of the clip from the beginning. The time code operates in the run gy-hm10u at all times regardless of the recording Rec Run status.

Menu for setting the Shooting Assist function. For setting items such as the safety zone and center mark.