I was captivated’ Fritz Leiber, ‘Julian May has woven a many-coloured tapestry of exotic adventure’ Roger Zelazny, ‘An amazing journey from. The Saga of Pliocene Exile is a series of science / speculative fiction books by Julian May, first published in the early s. It consists of four books: The Many Colored Land, The Golden Torc, The. Exiled beyond the time-portal into the world of six million years ago, the misfits of the 22nd century are enmeshed in the age-old war of two alien races.

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May scheut sich daher auch nicht einige der liebgewonnen Protagonisten den Weg alles Endlichen gehen zu lassen. Comments My set of those books, a gift in or so, have a pretty rainbowy cover I always figured Aiken Drum had a big head and small body, hence looked like a tadpole — a polliwog. You are commenting using your Facebook account. She drops the word almost every time Aiken is mentioned. Pulling on Celtic myths, playing fast and loose with geology, and g Exotic aliens with mind numbing and creative psychic powers enslave humans who have time travelled six million years into the past.

What happens to Felice is extreme but not inconsistent. Seguito della Terra dai Molti Colori, ne prosegue la storia; si tratta di un filone molto interessante e poco esplorato, in cui vengono inserite molte riflessioni che sono ancora valide tutt’oggi a distanza di trenta o quarant’anni. I know, I know, this is sci-fi, not fantasy; but I still like to find myself wishing I could have a go with the superpowers or whatever.

So if you are interested in this, just read 1 and 2 after each other.

The follow up prequels I found even better. It was also used in the Galactic Milieu to help latent metapsychics achieve operancy. And very clearly Early Michael Whelan, too. Elizabeth was to have escaped with Sukie and and Stein in her balloon, but Brede also brings along the unconscious Felice, Elizabeth gives up her place in the balloon and remains behind.

Excellent point about the books totally passing the Bechdel Test and being progressive for their time. This article needs additional citations for verification. I recommend it to teen and adult readers of sci-fi. But I read it ages ago. Furman L Fowler rated it it was amazing Jul 02, I’d also say that The Golden Torc feels much less sci-fi than it’s predecessor. They get to just exist—and I think that puts their characterization as the best in the book.


I do like—quite a bit—how it is very clear in these books that the forced impregnation scheme of the Tanu is wrong wrong wrong and that the physical and emotional effects are shown quite clearly Martha. I wish I were slightly more knowledgeable about Catholic theology, too.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, finding it to be a delightful mash-up of scifi and fantasy. Mercy the woman who drew the anthropologist Bryan into exile has been genetically tested and though she came from the future, she is almost full-blooded Tanu. But a different reader might really enjoy the complexity of the mental gymnastics involved. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. The time-travelers of group green arrive to discover the Pliocene is already inhabited by a dimorphic race of aliens ‘exotics’the Tanu and the Firvulag.

Of course, all this elaborate set up can only be for one reason: Ushi Wawa rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Individuals generally have different levels of ability in the various classes of metapsychic powers. Patrick rated it it was amazing Tkrc 29, In the story “Intervention”, this ability is initially termed ultrasensing. I also hope for a return to the form of the first.

Rogering yolden is more his style these days.

The Many Coloured Land The Golden Torc

There are many parallels between the persons and places of the Saga of the Exiles and Celtic and other myths and legends. Mind bending and spellbinding I often find books that books that I read years ago don’t capture my interest the second time around.

The Tanu lived in the open highlands and mqy tall and lithe. The story to me picks up and flows somewhat better than the first book. These babies are cared for until they can be handed safely over to the Firvulag. And of course, in the end, we have the Grand Combat, which Julian May utilizes to grand effect to view spoiler [clear the board hide spoiler ]as it were.


The Golden Torc (Saga of the Pliocene Exile, #2) by Julian May

The Galactic Milieu Trilogy deals with events after humanity has entered the galactic community. Dougal is of course a character May would have met ths times among fans. This was much more of a standard action-adventure.

At the start of the story the Strait of Gibraltar is closed and the Mediterranean Sea is dry and kay. When the time-traveling humans started to arrive in the Pliocene, the Tanu enslaved many of the humans in an effort to overcome this problem, interbreeding with the humans who have latent metapsychic abilities and soon incorporating humanity into their Pliocene society.

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A guide to the Saga Of Pliocene Juljan.

Pretty Terrible | The Many-Colored Land, Julian May

One concern I have that is continued from The Many Colored Land is her iulian of human men. The remainin I wanted to give this second volume in the series a better rating but I just couldn’t do so.

Our eight protagonists, four men and four women, are neatly split into two groups, both of which will serve the Tanu, the exotics who live on the other side of the gate in the Pliocene.