Ezio Petersen/UPI PhotoJose Canseco, in April of , with his second book ‘ Vindicated.’ In the book, Canseco first alleged that Yankees 3B. In , Jose Canseco blew the lid off Major League Baseball’s steroid scandal — and no one believed him. His “New York Times” bestselling memoir “Juiced”. Jose Canseco, in an attempt to help “clean up baseball”, decided to write a tell-all book detailing steroid use in baseball. His book, Juiced.

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Which QBs could be on the move in ?

Click here to watch our interview with baseball’s “bad boy” Jose Canseco: He told the New York Daily News that he thought Canseco didn’t have a book in the material he gave him.

Earlier this month, Canseco was detained at San Diego’s San Ysidro border crossing after agents searched his vehicle and said they found human chorionic gonadotropin, which is illegal without a prescription. Major League Vindciated paid Mitchell to conduct this. What I got was rehash of old material: Return to Book Josse. Sep 23, Barry rated it it was ok.

This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. That bothers me, because I — and tell me if I’m wrong. They don’t want to know the truth. He has extreme respe Read Juiced about three weeks before I started this book. InCanseco admitted to using anabolic steroids in a tell-all book, Juiced: Will have to re-read. And why wouldn’t he? However once again Conseco is very protective of his own behavior.


Yet still, Canseco can’t get no respect, as Rodney Cansefo might say. Record-breaking athletes are falling from grace, and the infamous Mitchell Report confirmed the names of major leaguers who have indeed used steroids while others remain under investigation. Basically, it’s a page “I told you so. In addition, I am interested in how steroids can affect the human body. He referred back to the year he had mononucleosis and was very ill I think ?

Vindicated viindicated a vindicxted addressed by Jose Canseco on the matter of steroids in baseball.


Aug 16, Mazola1 rated it it was ok. The rest of Vindicated is a rehash of Juiced and stroking his ego ad nauseum.

Still a scumbag and a dirtball, and he is at times extremely hypocritical, but you have to respect the guy for bringing this “era” to light and really standing up for himself. Hose August 1,Palmeiro was suspended for 10 days by Major League Baseball after testing positive for steroids.

He outs A-Rod, which ended up coming true about 8 months after the book is published. And I think these players who I mentioned in my book were afraid to be black-balled and excommunicated from canswco game of baseball.


Maybe he had friends in high places. It is quite repetitive, making the quite vindicatev point over and over again that Canseco was right about steroid use in MLB. Jose Canseco is certainly a big fan of Jose Canseco. Everybody is agaisnt him I thought this book was very good because there is a guy who use to take steriods and now he is amititing that he did use them.

Both named the same players as Canseco. Nonetheless, ironically enough, the strangest issue was that — you know, the Mitchell report comes out with all these baseball players, all these names.

Vindicated eBook by Jose Canseco | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

He has extreme respect and love for the sport of baseball and definitely portrays himself as a “keeps to himself” kind of guy. You know, I always suspected Roger Clemens.

And there’s talk about the potential, you know, charges being brought against Roger Clemens, and the like. Actually I feel a little sorry for all the players that have been linked to steroids- and the way they have been thrown to the wolves.