ISO and PSPC, the term used is. “nominal dry film thickness.” • For consistency in comparisons of area in this article, square meters are used to describe. STANDARD. ISO. Second edition. Reference number. ISO (E). This is a free 5 page sample. Access the full version online. ISO Paints and varnishes – Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems – Measurement of, and acceptance.

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ISO shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights. This International Standard also speciies criteria which are used with regard to acceptance or non-acceptance of ilm thickness values.

Acceptance criteria: ISO and coating system

Design considerations ISOPaints and varnishes — Corrosion protection feee steel structures by protective paint systems — Part 4: Should be done on every parts. Shall be done on every parts. The dimensions shall be at least equal to those speciied in 5.

From ido mean value, subtract the known value of the foil thickness. A5 Corrosion protection work carried out by: For guidance, test areas within 15 mm of edges, welds, holes, etc. Waste should be collected and utilized according to the valid legislation and the established rules.

If the structure has not been divided into individual inspection areas, the whole structure is considered as the inspection area for measuring the dry-ilm thickness. Rust grades and preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates and of steel substrates after overall removal of previous coatings [2] ISOPreparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products — Visual assessment of surface cleanliness —Part 2: This enables the minimum, maximum, mean and standard deviation to be calculated.

Percentage of those measurements compared with the total number of measurements: The person for rfee out inspections, verification and verification of personal qualification shall be qualify in accordance NShas FROSIO certificate with inspector level 3 4.


Repair of defects 3. Following completion 91840 a series iao measurements, and preferably during the measurements, the adjustment of the instrument shall be re-veriied.

Solid alien contaminants are removed by cutting; fats, salts, consistent grease are washed off by fee, alkalis or solvents. This operation is necessary for reception of a design thickness of a covering on all sites of a design. Appendix Coating system no.

Draft International Standards adopted by the technical committees are circulated to the member bodies for voting. If the number of readings is not speciied in the contract or speciication, ive individual readings see 3.

Instruments using the eddy current principle can be used but their use is normally on non-ferrous metal surfaces. This number shall be increased for inspection areas having a dificult coniguration with regard to paint application or measurement or limitations in accessibility dificult areas.

Any arisen soiling should be immediately removed and damaged layer should be restored. In this case, the arithmetic mean value of the four readings is used in place of an individual reading. This new measurement will then be the individual dry-ilm thickness.

Surface profile shall be medium G quality and of the cleared steel surface or surface roughness is estimated by the relation of the highest ledges to the cavities casually formed on surface. If it is not speciied, see ISO Various forms of the instrument are available, including a simple pencil type, a spring balance type and another type to which tension is applied by turning a calibrated circular dial until the magnet and attached spring detach from the coated surface.

Click here to sign up. Roughened steel substrates include those prepared by abrasive blast- cleaning or abrading. Instruments as described in 5.

Acceptance criteria: ISO 19840 and coating system

Development of speciications for new work and maintenance 3 Terms and deinitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and deinitions apply. Conditions air, surface temperature, humidity, paint temperature at fulfillment of preparatory treatment, painting works and drying of paint should not deviate from technical requirements indicated in the specifications for corresponding paints.


On blast- cleaned surfaces such a procedure will introduce errors. Adjust the scale reading to the value of the shim. Calibration, on the other hand, is the process of setting and recording the thickness values displayed on a dry-ilm thickness gauge to known values of thickness across the range of the gauge. It is necessary visually to compare a profile of blasted surface with reference sample. Then place the thicker shim on the unpainted surface and repeat the procedure.

This second edition cancels and replaces the irst edition ISO Ideally, gauges should be adjusted using a sample of steel which is truly representative of the substrate to be tested.

Coating procedure tests and acceptance criteria: The electrical and magnetic properties of the substrate can vary depending on differences in its chemical composition and morphological structure, e. The procedures for areas requiring special consideration, such as welds, edges, corners, ixtures, areas with observed defects, shall be agreed by the interested parties.

Connecting data records on quality 1. Each member body interested in a subject for which a technical committee has been established has the right to be represented on that committee. Packing frre be in a good condition. Should be done before painting.

Inspections should be done 2 times per shift every 4 hour Acceptance criteria: If a coating is applied to a roughened steel substrate, the measurement of its dry-ilm thickness is more complicated than for smooth surfaces.

Inspection test for visual examination of coating shall be done after curing kso on coated parts for every coat. PowerPoint Presentation – Joan Miro. A2 Name of owner: Workplaces should be accessible for inspection of safety data sheets 91840 applied paints by personnel.

In the event of extensive measurements, checking of the instrument using shims at least once per hour is necessary. Number of repeated measurements: