Game idea. Answer to absurd questions about you, your friends and family, or celebrities you have never even met. Try to give the same answer as everyone. Here comes the fun part of Imaginiff Majority rules! Everyone who votes for the most popular answer moves one space forward (the reader moves 2 if they’re. Imaginiff® Game How well do you really know your friends? Imaginiff® is the hilarious game that challenges players to imagine what their opponents are most .

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Now, all players look through their number cards and pick the number card that corresponds to the answer they imaginoff. The number cards are separated from the question cards.

Which would they be [or do]? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If there are less than 8, the name of someone else that everybody knows should be in the blank spaces.

All players who are not in the imaginuff remove their tokens from the board. When all players have placed down a card, everyone flips theirs over.

All players that have the most popular answer move 1 space, except the person who rolled the dice, who moves 2 if they picked the most popular answer. Board games introduced in Party board games. The player then picks a question card and reads it out loud, inserting the subject into the blank space.


However, they still play by choosing the card with the imxginiff popular answer. CountingProbabilitySocial skills. Retrieved from ” https: It can not be placed on the challenge space.

The player that goes first rolls the die and moves the grey token that many spaces around the outside spaces, clockwise or counterclockwise. The number cards numbered one to six of the same color are given to the player whose token matches that color. This page was last edited on 14 Juneat From Wikipedia, the free imagiinff. If there are 8 players, everyone will put their name in the spaces on the outer part of the board.

To move a player’s token, they need to have picked the most popular answer. Views Read Edit View history. They then place the card down for everyone to see. Then the grey token is placed on any name on the outside of the board. If two or more answers are tied, all players that picked either answer move forward.

Imaginiff / Imagin Iff Rules, Instructions & Directions

For example, if 3 players picked number 2, another 3 players picked 5, and 2 other people picked 4, everyone who picked 2 or 5 moves forward. Pages using deprecated image syntax Imaginifv using infobox game with unknown parameters. Imaginiff is a party-type board game. If the grey token lands on a name, that name becomes the subject of the card.


Then the question cards are placed in a pile or in the box provided. In the event that 2 or more players get their tokens to the center at the same time, a tiebreaker round is played.

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When only one player is left with their token in the center, they win. If all the tied players fail to come up with the most popular answer, or they tie for the most popular answer, no one is eliminated. The tied players continue playing as usual by rolling the die and moving the grey token, and any tied player who fails to come up with the most popular answer must remove their token from the board, but may continue playing by putting down cards for the most popular answer.