Download PDF. 1 / 3 Pages. Previous article. Go back to website. Next article. MARTI C, Vicens; GUARINOS O, Jordi DOMINGUEZ DE ROZAS, José M. Massive pericardial effusion and cardiac tamponade as the presentation form of. Taponamiento cardíaco por derrame pericárdico masivo secundario a hipotiroidismo primario. J.L. Cabrerizoa, B. Zalbab, R. Ridruejob. a Servicio de Medicina.

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Massive pericardial effusion as initial manifestation of hypothyroidism.

Massive pericardial effusion as initial manifestation of hypothyroidism

The aim of this study is to report a rare case of massive pericardial effusion as initial manifestation of hypothyroidism. A previously healthy year-old female patient suddenly began presenting dyspnea at rest and lower limb edema. Routine laboratory tests performed at admission showed hypothyroidism TSH Therapy was instituted with levothyroxine, hipotiroidisko in clinical improvement without pericardiocentesis. The patient was followed up for 1 year, peficardico total remission of dyspnea and edema.


However, she developed typical symptoms of hypothyroidism, and remained with asthenia, dyslipidemia, weight gain, and mild pericardial effusion at the end of one year, even with the optimization of the levothyroxine dose. This case highlights the need for early investigation of hypothyroidism in patients with pericardial effusion.

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Negava dispneia e edema. Membros inferiores sem edema. Foi mantida a dosagem de levotiroxina e solicitados novos exames. A dosagem de levotiroxina foi mantida e novos exames foram solicitados.

Trouxe resultado de exames: Entretanto, apresentou ganho ponderal, estando com peso de 66,5 kg.


Pericardial effusion with cardiac tamponade as a form of presentation of primary hypothyroidism. Myxedema associated with cardiac tamponade.

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Massive pericardial effusion as manifestation of hypothyroidism. Massive pericardial effusion secondary to Hashimoto’s disease. Eur J Intern Med. Impending cardiac tamponade as a primary presentation of hypothyroidism: Cardiac tamponade and hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism presenting with cardiac tamponade. Pericardial effusion in hypothyroidism. Hipotiroidismo desenmascarado por derrame pericardico severo.

Massive pericardial effusion in primary hypothyroidism. Massive pericardial effusion with derra,e right ventricular compression secondary to hypothyroidism in a year-old woman.

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