Look at gilksy1’s ylod fix on you tube. With a $25 heat gun and a tube of new thermal compound you can fix your ps3 in about an hour. Worked. ok i have done gilksy’s YLOD fix but it failed, if i can get a spare/workin YLOD REPAIR VIDEOS YLOD. This is Aidan’s YLOD repair guide~! *guitar solo* He’d made a PDF, and can be found on youtube right here: YouTube – gilksy1’s Channel.

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Flux acts as a lubricant for the solder and allows it to attach to the pads with a much cleaner and better spread. So looking into repairs. It appears that there are a few repair options but non seem to last for more than a few months.

So heating to a lower temperature is the safer way but only causes the solder to melt slightly and produce a partial connection, which will fail in a relatively short period.

Jul 22, Posts: One of the difficulties when researching this was finding out how long a fix would last, you’d find elated responses that a method worked but then several more saying “yeah I’ve fixed mine about 5 times now and I’ve also seem too many posts saying that this can irreparably damage your console, so it can work for a few hours but once it breaks you can’t get it working ever again.

Feb 7, Posts: Next will be the heat gun that can hit oF You need buy cvv usa,uk,ca,au,eu pls contac me or logins site me to know more.

Gilksy’s Playstation 3 (PS3) Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix and Repair Guide

I saw posts discussing that the game store would offer 30 day warranty on pre-owned consoles so that’s a piece of mind for these scammers. AgentZero Follow Forum Posts: Its out of it warranty i got it the first day ps3 was launched Just get someone to do it the ps3 is a 60gb phat that i will use to play homebrew yilksy1 ps2 games also used for hacking and for my slim gb legit online all the way: Then theres a few more screws on another layer, remove the disk drive, remove more screws and your done: There were others that used a hairdryer to heat up the warranty seal and take a blade to remove it, then stick it to wax paper and disassembled the system, repaired it and put yod sticker back on so they weren’t hindered by the options lost after breaking the seal.

  DECRETO 5707 06 PDF

Up north in Sunderland. Does anyone know how to get the disc out? Nov 5, Posts: Quick tip fox ppl who haven’t referred the tutorial yet Call Sony Customer Support and ask them about it, they may refer you to a place you could get your disc removed for free, either that or atleast give you some tips on how to remove the disc yourself without damaging it. If Your Warranty has expired than you should consider opening the console and taking the disc.

Just have to remeber where i put my screw driver if not wack out the butcher knife shoemen22 Make sure you keep the different type of screws separate and remember where each one went.

Yellow Light of death and stuck disk HELP!!! – PlayStation Nation – GameSpot

Both sounded a little too reckless for both the disc and the drive. Read about them now! Posted March 27, Looks like there is plenty of demand for the fix. Gilksy1 has found a fix for this, and the fix is very similar to that of the Xbox RRoD requires use of heatgun. Got the disc drive out and half the screws out but then the screwdriver head has been mangled with the force used to get the others out so now i have to buy another one.

After considering all this and reading through TTDegs optionsI’ve got no choice but to repair this console. This is what your PS3 looks like after being disassembled: The issue is apparently with the PS3 motherboard and not the PSU as initially suspected by many including myself.


When i hold the eject button it just turns on and then the yellow light kicks in and it turns itself off again without givening the disc a chance to eject Please Log In to post. I don’t want to deal with more dead consoles. This isn’t the fix for me, but if you want to chance it you might get enough time for it to turn on and backup the data before it dies forever.

His six part guide is also accompanied by a PDF but what most posters miss is the additional flux and clamp bending video. It’s the most cost efficient, fastest chance of getting my data and disc back.

Firstly, you need to take the top off of it by removing the screw under the warranty sticker.

If you swap the motherboard your BD Drive won’t work. My game store also mentioned that I should remove the HDD before sending the console back to Sony because there have been many cases of Sony sending consoles ylo with wiped HDDs.

Look at gilksy1’s ylod fix on you tube.

True that, Opening PS3 is very very easy. Want to learn more about the team who brings you the Dash Hacks news? There seem to be many sites with sporadic links and sources to good sites so since I’m putting in a lot gliksy1 effort finding this information I wanted to log the elements that helped me fix the YLOD and share the information so you can fix yours too.

Being the EE that I am, I’m always up for a little electronics challenge. I also found posts about people successfully fishing their discs out with a pair of tweezers. I don’t see it as a good option. The video below shows how in six steps but surely the plastic plastic components on his motherboard were completely distorted after this.