“Extended STL is not just a book about adapting the STL to fit in with your everyday work, it’s also an odyssey through software design and concepts, C++ power. Extended STL, Volume 1: Collections and Iterators. Matthew Wilson. © | Addison-Wesley Professional | Out of print. Share this page. Extended STL, Volume. Extended STL, Volume 1: collections and iterators / Matthew Wilson. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN (pbk.

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Member Selection Operator 1.

RAII – Extended STL, Volume 1: Collections and Iterators [Book]

Deadly Double Dereference Member Iterators Define the Range Traveling Back and Forth on the Z-Plane A Map of the Environment Collections and Their Iterators A Spoonful of Sequence Helps the Medicine. Using real-world examples, Wilson illustrates several powerful concepts and techniques that enable you to extend STL in directions never dxtended by its creators, including collections, element reference categories, external iterator invalidation and inferred interface adaptation.


Collections and Iterators by Matthew Wilson. Handling External Change Duck and Goose Avoiding the System Pseudo Processes Handling External Iterator Invalidation Volue All Modules on a System Iteration and Size Methods A Taxonomy of Element Reference Categories 3.

Selecting Return Type and Overload Compile-Time Characteristic Determination 2. Adapting Immutable Collections Using the Buffers The Independent Autonomies of equal Friends Abstract Manipulation of State A Reversal of Self File System Name Handling Final Iteration Implementation Discretion Being the Better Part of Nomenclature.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains an extensive collection of open-source libraries created by the author. Predefined Iterator Adaptors 1. The Curious Untemporary Reference 5.

Argument-Dependent Return-Type Variance Comparison and Arithmetic Operators If You’re a Student Additional order info. Type Generator Templates Books about other things: Bidirectional Iterator Semantics Iterator Cloning Policies Decomposition of the Shorthand Version He carefully guides the reader through the design considerations, pointing out the pitfalls and making sure vollections don’t get your head bitten off.


Working without Exception Support The Law of Leaky Abstractions 7. Applying the Principle of Least Surprise Wear It, but Beware Using Element Reference Categories 3. If You’re an Educator Additional order info. Iterator Category and Adaptable Member Types Instructor resource file download The work is protected by local and international copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning.