Exsurge Domine: Johann Eck: helped compose the papal bull Exsurge Domine (June ), in which Pope Leo X condemned 41 of Luther’s theses and . The bull threatening Luther with excommunication, Exsurge Domine (“Arise, O Lord”), was published on June 15, It represented the culmination of several . Exsurge Domine. A bull issued in June by Pope Leo X, threatening the excommunication of Luther. Source for information on Exsurge Domine: The.

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Pope Leo X Threatens Luther – Exsurge Domine

But he always refused to listen and, despising the previous citation and each and every one of the above overtures, disdained domjne come. Exsurrge or upgrade your account.

They will incur these penalties if they presume to uphold them in any way, personally or through another or others, directly or indirectly, tacitly or explicitly, publicly or occultly, either in their own homes or in other public or private places. We have therefore held a careful inquiry, scrutiny, discussion, strict examination, and mature deliberation with each of the brothers, the eminent cardinals of the holy Roman Church, as well as the priors and ministers general of the religious orders, besides many other professors and masters vomine in sacred theology and in civil and canon law.

A copy of Exsurge Domine is extant in the Vatican Library. We have found that these errors or theses are not Catholic, as mentioned above, and are not to be taught, as such; but rather are against the doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church, and against the true interpretation of the sacred Scriptures received from the Church.

Failure to comply with these canons, according to exsurg testimony of Cyprian, will be the fuel and cause of all heresy and schism.

Exsurge Domine – Oxford Reference

rxsurge Therefore we, in this above enumeration, important as it is, wish to proceed with great care as is proper, and to cut off the advance of this plague and cancerous disease so it will not spread any further in the Lord’s field as harmful thorn-bushes. We could allege many other facts too, which we have decided to omit, lest we appear to be composing a history. Witness to this is the blood of Germans shed so often in wars against the Bohemians.


From their sight fear of God has now passed. For example, proposition 33 censured by this bull states “It is contrary to the will of the Spirit that heretics be burned.

Luther refused to recant and responded instead by composing polemical tracts lashing out at the papacy and by publicly burning a copy of the bull on 10 December In part, this evasion was simply an unavoidable consequence of the fact that Luther did not fully articulate his mature theological position until some time after this bull had been issued.

To go to war against the Turks is to resist God who punishes our iniquities through them. The word of Christ to Peter: Arise, O Lord, and judge your own cause. Give heed to the cause of the holy Roman Church, mother of all churches and teacher of the faith, whom you by the order of God, have consecrated by your blood.

Exsurge Domine |

This to be sure was contrary to the constitution of Pius II and Julius II our predecessors that all appealing in this way are to be punished with the penalties of heretics. Indulgences are of no avail to those who truly gain them, for the remission of the penalty due to actual sin in dmoine sight of divine justice.

Hence in the primitive Church only manifest mortal sins were confessed. For more information about this site. Or he dpmine personally, with safe conduct, inform us of his recantation by coming to Rome.

That there are three parts to penance: In fact, they twist and adulterate the Scriptures. Indeed immediately after the publication of this letter these works, wherever they may be, shall be sought out carefully by the ordinaries and others [ecclesiastics and regulars], and under each and every one of the above penalties shall be burned publicly and solemnly in the presence of the clerics and people.

His other teachings perceived as problematic exsrge deemed to warrant lesser degrees of theological censure, including the designations “scandalous” or “offensive to pious ears”. In exxurge debate with Eck, Luther himself attempted to defend some of Jan Hus ‘ propositions which the Council of Constance had condemned in globo as either heretical, erroneous, blasphemous, presumptuous, seditious or offensive to pious ears.


Let him dpmine from his pernicious errors that he may come back to us. We domlne, however, on Martin that in the meantime he cease from all preaching or the office of preacher. Luther MonumentWashington D. The souls in purgatory sin without intermission, as long as they seek rest and abhor punishment. Christians must be taught to cherish excommunications rather than to fear them.

For now a new Porphyry rises who, as the old once wrongfully assailed the dlmine apostles, now assails the holy pontiffs, our predecessors. Furthermore, this Martin is to recant perpetually such errors and views.

For these reasons, its dissemination took several months to complete. The positive views of the Reformer are not stated, or distorted. The souls freed from purgatory by the suffrages of the living are less happy than if they had made satisfactions by themselves.

Excommunications are domihe external penalties and they do not deprive man of the common spiritual prayers of the Church. They are seduced who believe that indulgences are salutary and useful for the fruit of the spirit. A way has been domlne for us for weakening the authority of councils, and for freely contradicting their actions, and judging their decrees, and boldly confessing whatever seems true, whether it has been approved or disapproved by any council whatsoever.

As a result, Luther was excommunicated in In virtue of our pastoral office committed to us by the divine favor we can under no circumstances tolerate or overlook any longer the pernicious poison of the above errors without disgrace to the Christian religion and injury to orthodox faith.

Todd calls the bull “contradictory, lacking in charity, and incidentally far less effective than it might have been. Christians must be taught to cherish excommunications rather than to fear them.