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The Naughtiest Girl: Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor & Here’s The Naughtiest Girl

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. When Elizabeth is chosen to be a school monitor, she’s delighted. But the harder she tries, the more things go wrong. Paperbackpages. Published by Hodder Children’s Books first published The Naughtiest Girl 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Did you like Julian?

The Naughtiest Girl: Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor : Book 3

I did not because he was selfish and ruined everything for Elizabeth. Kinda I love Julian,i know why you could say that because of the tricks he played on her that made her get into trouble and lose her spot as a monitor,but …more I love Julian,i know why you could say that because of the tricks he played on her that made her get into trouble and lose her spot as a monitor,but he played them on her because Arabella the-all-mighty told him that Elizabeth had told everyone monitoe happened last night which wasn’t true,but just a lie,so he did those tricks on Elizabeth as revenge,but at the end he helped her get her spot back as a monitor and was a true friend.

I love him,he nxughtiest so nice and funny,but sometimes a bit too careless. Lists with This Book. Rollo, but then it’s a standalone, not a series. When boys and girls naugghtiest to the same school, there can be different types of drama. That’s what make stories of Whyteleafe cute. But now let’s talk about the main character first: Elizabeth is a fortunate, charming girl; but here’s what’s so interesting about her: Blyton installed her with many flaws just like she did to many of her main characters.

Elizabeth makes mistakes; she easily loses temper; but that’s why readers love her. Because she’s just like us – not a Mary Sue that many of us pretend or wish to be. This semester, Elizabeth’s still struggling to shake the title ‘The Naughtiest Girl’ off her. She’s a monitor now, so she must behave even better! But things are not so easy, because there are new students that can make Elizabeth’s semester another hell: As a young girl I was in love with Julian.

Elizabeth and Julian laugh and fight and cry and face their own problems and their own demons, and we follow them trying to make themselves better and each other better.


Sep 14, Paul E. I may be overthinking this, it being a book for readers very much younger than I, but this otherwise entertaining tale suffers from two reasonably large failings: The ending felt very much tacked on and more than a little random. The conflict between the protagonist and the major antagonist goes absolutely nowhere.

Other than that, this was OK. Mar 06, Yue rated it liked it Shelves: The first book of the saga remains my favorite but this one was better than the 2nd one. This one has several elements in common with the first book, like, for example, Elizabeth gets in trouble and no one wants to be her friend. There are 4 new kids too: Arabella, who is vain; Rosemary, a shy girl; Martin, who has no friends, and Julian, funny and intelligent.

The one thing I missed was Joan as Elizabeth’s best friend. She barely appears in the story. But Elizabeth continues being naughty even The first book of the saga remains my favorite but this one was better than the 2nd one. But Elizabeth continues being naughty even if she doesn’t want too, and that is why the book is enjoyable. Just finished reading this to the kids, who, once again enjoyed a classic Blyton book – even though they are boys. In my opinion, the best of the series, with Elizabeth dealing with some big issues and coming through her hardest term at Whyteleafe school.

Apr 28, I Read rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read this book when I was 13 and I loved it.

It’s the first Enid Blyton book I read, and it’s the first book that made me realise books can make you high xP. Oct 28, Carolynne rated it really liked it Shelves: Elizabeth Allen the former naughtiest girl is a monitor!

Can you believe it? She tries to set a good example, but things will just go wrong. She takes her new responsibilities so seriously gir, that she actually accuses her friend Julian of stealing.

The Naughtiest Girl series is my favorite Blyton series. Elizabeth is so real. And the school is pretty progressive even by today’s standards–students decide what they are permitted and what infractions deserve punishments.

They naughfiest encouraged to Elizabeth Allen the former naughtiest girl is a monitor! They are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour–and it works! See, I even spelled it the British way!

The bloom is off this rose just a bit because Elizabeth is trying so hard to be good, having matured from her irresponsible early days at school. But it is still fun, especially for fans of the Sullivan Twins or Malory Towers series.

This is the third book of the whole series, Enid Blyton has been one of my full time favourite author! The fist few books are quite good, but in the middle, it started to turn not-so-interesting. Semester 3 di Whyteleafe, Elizabeth Moniror mulai menjalankan tanggung jawabnya sebagai Pengawas. Sayangnya setiap kali dia berusaha melakukan apapun dengan sebaik-baiknya, setiap kali itu juga dia terjerat dalam kesulitan. Buku ini sebagian besar menceritakan tentang ELizabeth si pengawas dengan Julian yang bandel serta Arabella yang angkuh dan sombong.


The Naughtiest Girl Is a Monitor by Enid Blyton

Oh juga dengan Martin Follet yang telah mengacaukan persahabatan Elizabeth dan Julian. Karena ulah Martin, secara tidak langsung Elizabeth harus d Semester 3 di Whyteleafe, Elizabeth Allen mulai menjalankan tanggung jawabnya sebagai Pengawas. Karena ulah Martin, secara tidak langsung Elizabeth harus diturunkan dari jabatannya sebagai Pengawas.

Masih mempunyai nuansa yang sama dengan buku buku sebelumnya, buku ini sarat akan nilai nilai kebaikan yang tercermin dalam narasi dan dialog-dialog tokohnya. Setelah haughtiest buku ini saya merasa bersemangat kembali untuk melakukan berbagai aktivias dengan sebaik baiknya.

Buku ini juga membuat saya sadar akan pentingnya menjaga values: Satu satunya hal yang masih mengganjal bagi saya adalah bagian Arabella yang kurang dieksplore. Di akhir diterangkan bahwa dia mulai mengerti dan menyukai whiteleafe. Saya suka desain sampul buku ini apalagi warnanya pastel. May 20, Yasara T.

Read this series twice. I felt sad when I finish reading. Couldn’t even find the next series I wish I could go back to a school. To Whyteleafe or to an awesome shcool. There should be more schools like Whyteleafe in this county.

Letting the children solve their problems with the help and guidance of teachers in serious cases who deserves punishments and all. You should read it too Apr 23, Cherie Myst rated it liked it. Elizabeth, the previous naughtiest girl in the school, is now a monitor and in charge of many of the new Children at Whyteleaf School.

Of course this is not as easy as it seems, as all of the children have new personalities to deal with as they settle in to school. Elizabeth ends up in many good and bad situations and deals with them in her usual stubborn but fair way.

Still a fun book. I always enjoy the ‘lessons’ in Blyton’s books: For some reason, I don’t think I particularly pursued this series when I was young, although I devoured and still devour the St Clare’s and Malory Towers books A younger set of children and a mixed-sex school how forward-thinking! Jan 04, Herjuno rated it really liked it. Keren haha, bisa melihat bagaimana Enid Blyton memberikan insight-insight kepada anak usia sekolah melalui cerita di dalamnya, insight ini juga cukup menarik bagi saya yang sudah “cukup berumur” karena melihat bagaimana sifat-sifat dari masing-masing anak dan bagaimana mereka memecahkan permasalahan mereka, dan uniknya buku ini juga menyisipkan sedikit tentang sosialisme, recommended sih.

Jul 09, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Apr 02, Sahil w7 rated it it was amazing. It was a well-written story.