Ectima Contagioso Agente Etiologico Patogenia Es un Virus de la familia infecto contagiosa que afecta principalment a ovinos y caprinos. Ectima contagioso en ovinos y caprinos. No description Transcript of Ectima contagioso en ovinos y caprinos. GOAL! Full transcript. Ectima contagioso. JV Epidemiologia. -Dermatitis pustular contagiosa. – Estomatitis pustular contagiosa -Viruela ovina. -Foliculitis por.

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How to cite this article. Location of lesions observed in twelve clinical cases of contagious ecthyma in two goat flocks with animals, located in Braila and Giurgiu counties. The results confirmed the presence of contagious ecthyma cases in both flocks in a proportion of 2.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Conclusion An increasing number of ORFV outbreaks have occurred worldwide in the last several years [ 7 – 11 ]. Hard, dry and crusty contagious ecthyma. This study indicates that in period October — Marchin two flocks contagoiso in Braila and Giurgiu counties, contagious ecthyma has been a proportion of 2.

The foot lesions affect the coronary band and soft tissue of interphalangeal area. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

The clinical diagnosis was contagious ecthyma. Severe diffuse infiltration by mononuclear cells was observed in the dermis.

ORFV is endemic in Brazil [ 16 ]. Journal List Virol J v.

Kid with severe, hard and dry proliferative. The outbreak area ovlnos isolated, and biological specimens were collected. The second objective was the contagooso of the dominant pathological aspects associated with the contagious ecthyma in young goats.

De la Concha-Bermejillo, A. Although grouped in ORFV cluster, the Brazilian samples showed variations between their sequences, and presented similarity of In both flocks were identified 84 young goats, with age between two and16 weeks. Three sheep Ovis aries presented wartlike lesions dried-scabs on the lips, tongue and around the mouth.


The microscopic appearance of ecthyma contagiosum orf in sheep, rabbits, and man. Contagious ecthyma Gk, ek, out, thyein, to rush is a common infectious and contagious disease that can affect sheep, goat, wild ruminants steenbok, alpacas, chamois, thar, reindeer, musk ox, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, dall sheep as well as human beings and canides [8, 11].

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Therefore, epidemiological surveillance can reduce ORFV outbreaks. April 14,[http: Diagnosis is based on the herd history and the lesion characteristics, but the accurate diagnosis is based on immunologic tests and viral isolation [9]. Macules fast moving up to the state of the crust over a period of weeks vesicle, with mm diameter, passes the pimple in about 2 days [9, 11, 13].

The young animals 4 — 6 months are most affected, registering the worst forms, goats are more sensitive than sheep, and the improved goat breeds are more susceptible Boer or Boer crosses, more rarely Saanen [11, 12]. Denudated skin lesions with moist and ulcerative lesions in the coronet Figure 4.

Young animals were more frequently affected, but in 8 outbreaks adult animals were also affected, mainly lactating goats which developed udder lesions. Contagious ecthyma induces acute pustular lesions that progress to scabs in the skin of the lips, around the outside and inside of the mouth, face, ears, vulva, lets, scrotum, teats, and feet, usually around voinos coronet and in the interdigital region. Implications on the emergence of zoonotic orthopoxviruses. Ectima contagioso de ovinos y caprinos, Ciencia veterinaria.

File:Ectima contagioso ovino.jpg

Am J Trop Med Hyg. The infection may also affect ears, inside of the mouth, lower legs and udder of nursing ewes. Isolation of two vaccinia virus strains from a single bovine vaccinia outbreak in rural area from Brazil: Lesions on the lips appear about days after infection, initially patches with a diameter of 0.


The ear lesions progressed through the same sequence of stages: Background Orf virus ORFVthe prototype of the genus Parapoxvirus PPVis the etiological agent of contagious ecthyma, a severe exanthematic dermatitis that afflicts domestic and wild small ruminants [ 1 ]. The diagnosis was based on clinical examinations and molecular biology techniques. Today, contagious ecthyma has been found worldwide, especially in countries that raise sheep and goats [13].

Kid with severe, hard and dry proliferative contagious ecthyma lesions in the skin of lips and muzzle Figure 2.

File:Ectima contagioso – Wikimedia Commons

Ovinks PPV major membrane glycoprotein B2L gene has been used in the molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis [ 8 – 11 ]. Immunodeficient people, however, can develop serious infections [ 6 ].

Nevertheless, the lesions can develop into extensive disease, with secondary bacterial infection, and sometimes fatality [6, 9, 14, 15]. The hair was sintered, wet, and it falls off with cutaneous layers fig. A new epithelium is forming in two weeks.


A decrease in host fitness is observed, since the lesions lead to the underfeeding of young lambs. Mandibular and retropharyngeal lymph nodes were sensitive. In this study two goat flocks with animals 84 kits were clinically evaluated to identify and characterize contagious ecthyma lesions, in the period October — March Morphological and molecular characterization of the poxvirus BeAn Detection and diagnosis of parapoxvirus by the polymerase chain reaction.

Open in a separate window. A real time PCR assay for the detection and quantification of orf virus. Goats were raised in a mixed management system range ovions and shaded pens.