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CONTENTS. Service Manual ECG C Contents The CE mark is applied only to the ECGL/M/N Electrocardiograph. This equipment complies. Service Manual ECG Composition. · To order a replacement assembly above, use the Code No. · To order a replacement component inside an. View Homework Help – Nihon_Koden_Cardiofax_ECG_-_Repair_manual from BA at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. ECGL.

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If the problem is not solved, do the action for the next possible cause or criteria. Ni-MH Rechargeable battery pack. Call up the System Test Level 2. The thermal head is incorrectly positioned. Service Parts NOTE When ordering 96620l or accessories from your Nihon Kohden representative, please quote the NK code number and part name which is listed in this service manual, and the name or model of the unit in which the required part is located.

Remove the battery pack and upper casing from the lower casing. Turn the power off, then on and check that the ECG waveforms are displayed correctly. Magazine release button 2. Customized battery packs and private logo service are available. At the same time, the instrument prints the triangular waveform signals input to the EXT-IN connector at the upper trace on the recording paper. NOTE The following settings are not reset to the factory initial 9602l even if the instrument is 9602l.

10 Lead EKG Cable Connector Fit Nihon Kohden Cardiofax Banana 4 15pins Connector

Do not leave the battery pack unused for more than one year. The ECG waveforms can be recorded and also displayed as shown below. Environmental Safeguards Depending on the local laws in your community, it may be illegal to dispose of the lithium battery in the regular waste collection.


Possible Source of Problem Corrective Action A dirty thermal head can cause some parts to be unevenly or incompletely printed.

Removing the Upper Casing The battery is fully charged. At the end of its useful life, under various state and local laws, it may be illegal to dispose of this battery into the municipal waste stream. Open the battery cover by sliding it up as shown in the figure. Electrode detachment functions properly. Sending a copy of the system information to your nearest Nihon Kohden distributor helps us to troubleshoot your problem quickly.

Normal The ECG control board is faulty.

Moreover, we keep our warehouse stocked with large volumes of most of products, 9620 that we may provide our customers with enough quantity in time when they need them. If none of the actions solve the problem, contact your nearest Nihon Kohden dealer. Faulty power transformer unit, Replace the power cord. When servicing the instrument, wear rubber gloves to protect yourself from infection.

If necessary, adjust the electrode position so that clear ECG waveforms are displayed. The paper 99620l roller is clean. Before connecting or disconnecting any cables, turn off the instrument, unplug the AC power cord from the instrument and remove the battery pack.


Otherwise, the cardiograph cannot operate on battery power. Failure to follow this caution may cause electrical shock to the patient and operator. Fuses cut off the power when an abnormality occurs in the instrument. Remove the two M3 pan screws with washers and four M3 spacer bolts which fasten the shield plate to the lower casing and remove the shield plate.


Thermal head is clean. Turn the power board over. Never rub your eyes, otherwise you may lose your eyesight. The power board is faulty. Outside of instrument is clean. Failure to follow this warning may cause electrical shock to the patient and operator. The lithium battery to back up the date and time and all system ecgg is completely discharged.

Nihon Kohden ECG paper – Ekkomed

After the test, the test result is automatically printed. The automatic ECG analysis is performed for acquired ECG waveforms only and does not reflect all conditions of the patient.

Disconnect the power cable from the power board.

Power key Check that the power of the instrument is on or off when the Power key is turned on or off. Never use the cardiograph with its side panel downward.

Local language text file version does not match the ECG software version. Before battery replacement, make sure that the cardiograph is turned off and the power cord is removed from the AC outlet and cardiograph.