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Pacemaker is an electrical pulse generator for starting and for maintaining the normal heart beat. She has developed this website for the welfare of students community not only for students under Anna University Chennai, but for all universities located in India.

EC Medical Electronics MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

Log In Sign Up. The organ of the body is composed of various tissues.

Surface electrodes are used to measure the potentials available from the surface of the skin and are used to sense the potentials from heart, brain and nerves. Queestion resolution in images can be obtained.


Based on the modes of operation of the pacemakers, they can be divided into five types. IPP means intermittent positive pressure. What are brain tumors?


Also discuss about its merits and demerits compared to medidal types of pacemakers. The transmittance is defined as the ratio of transmitted light intensity to the incident light intensity. It is the extra volume of gas that can be inspired with maximal effort after reaching the normal medival of inspiratory level. Half cell potential is defined as the voltage developed at an electrode- electrolyte interface. The ECG reflects the rhythmic electrical depolarization and repolarization of the myocardium heart muscle associated with contractions of the atria and ventricles.

The solution under test which contains dissolved CO2 is presented to the outer surface of the rubber membrane. They are also used to determine the oxygen tension questionn carbon dioxide tension in the blood.

Give any two medical applications of the same. How to request Study Material? A short time later, the cell regains the normal state in which the inside is again negative with respect to outside. Give the changes in the hemoglobin content of red blood cells.

Distinguish between electronicw and macroshock. How the elecronics muscle can be stimulated? What is the need for pre-amplifier? Name the principal ions involved in the phenomena of producing cell potentials. This sudden surge across the heart causes all muscle fibers to contract simultaneously. The action potential is always- the same for any given cell. List the characteristics of resting potential.


EC2021 Medical Electronics MJ2014 Question Paper

F ourth heart sound: How the EEG can be recorded? The resting potential ranges from to nV. Stroke volume is defined as the amount of blood that is ejected during each heart beat. Remember me on this computer.

Echocardiogram displays the time verses motion information about the intra cardiac structures on slow speeds. Define mean velocity of blood. Wide range of contrast can be obtained. How many electrodes are electroniics in modern EEG unit? Isolation amplifier is used to increase the input impedance of the monitoring system in order to isolate the patient from the biomedical instrument.

For what purpose chemical electrodes are used? Silver-Silver chloride electrodes are used in bio-medical instrumentation. Newer Post Older Post Home. What is a Radio pill?