I’ve re-read the Belgariad/Mallorean and the Elenium/Tamuli so many times since I originally .. The Ruby Knight by David Eddings, 1, 2, Apr 13, AM. The Elenium is a series of fantasy novels by David Eddings. The world of the Elenium was the second fully realized fantasy world crafted by the Eddingses, and. The Elenium: The Diamond Throne The Ruby Knight The Sapphire Rose [David Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Now for the first .

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The characters are pretty standard, but their dialog makes them more interesting. Refresh and try again. He later switched davir writing epic fantasy, a field in which he achieved great success. The writing style is nice and simple so it was pretty easy to read through. Aoife Some, but it’s eleniu explicit.

We have the discovery of the hero and the destiny, the peril, the item of power and the quest to obtain it, the great evil, the personal rival, and all the layers upon layers of worldbuilding that come w The Elenium is one of the first classic fantasy series I read after a long, long foray into Star Wars and Star Trek novels.

The Pandion Knight Sparhawk elsnium on a quest to find a magical jewel than can save his queen, Ehlana. Beyond that, the characters have become members of my little mental family.

What can I say?

Also, what’s the deal with Sparhawk supposedly having an unknown destiny, so thus he was unpredictable? The Belgariad and the Mallorean are his most loved works and two characters in particular; B Still, this story was pretty good.

The Count then tells them about the giant’s mound where Elenikm Sarak was buried.


It could destroy the world. To ask other readers questions about The Eleniumplease sign up.

The Ruby Knight

It’s derivative of previous fantasy works. As other Goodreads reviewers have noted, Eddings is comfort reading of the highest order and the text equivalent of brain candy. If eeddings haven’t read anything by Da Reread this book for what may be the sixth or seventh time.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. At the end of the last novel, Sparhawk learned that Bhelliom, a powerful yet dangerous artifact, is the only item elrnium of curing young Queen Ehlana of the poison the Primate Annias fed to her. There is nothing really new here, just excused to drag the story on until the third book. I enjoyed the Elenium – it’s a fun, fast paced read that has the main characters bounce from one crisis to the next. They do kinda hit you over the head with it: David Eddings craft as a writer comes to the fore with the prologue about trolls, as it is in a completely different style to the rest of the novel.

Together with his fellow To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Tue should probably destroy it although it might blow up! Retrieved from ” https: Sparhawk, Knight ths Queen’s Champion, has returned to Elenia after ten years of exile, only to find young Queen Ehlana trapped in a crystalline cocoon.

I look forward to finishing the final book in the trilogy. Os personagens variam entre Paladinos, Magos, Ladinos e muitos outros. I enjoyed this book.

The Elenium: The Diamond Throne / The Ruby Knight / The Sapphire Rose

But this also gets show the levels that they are willing to go to in order to accomplish their goals! For example, whenever Flute does something that annoys Sparhawk or one of the others, she’ll make a statement like, “But you do love me, right? Now for the first time in one thrilling volume-the three magical novels that make up David Eddings’s epic fantasy The Elenium. The Redemption of Althalus. And the prologue is a fictitious legend t I remember this series very fondly, but I think I enjoyed it more as a teenager.


The Ancient Egyptian gods have defeated all the other pantheons and claimed dominion over the earth, dividing it into warring factions.

The Elenium: The Diamond Throne / The Ruby Knight / The Sapphire Rose by David Eddings

But Kring kind of changes, I think though later on and that element is quite lost later. Okay, as I’ve mentioned that this authorcreates outstanding fantasy worlds, with indepth cultures, politics, and religions. I’ve probably read this 4 or 5 times. The characters don’t discover the explanation, someone comes out of nowhere and just explains everything.

The characters don’t really develop any more, simply rehashing their stereotypical traits established in the first volume. This w I finished this series today,I liked it. Leaving these two minor characters aside, I still like this series.

Her poisoners are still on the lose, still moving forward with their depraved agendas.

Mine is an old library copy from cassette tapes. David Eddings’ first books which were general fiction sold moderately well. The characters travel to the house of Count Ghasek whose sister is ill, as her soul was stolen by Azash, an Elder God of Styricum, whose spirit was confined in a clay idol.