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Genetic diversity of Chinese indigenous sheep breeds inferred from microsatellite markers. Genetic diversity of Ovis aries populations near domestication centers and in the new world.

Animals and samples Blood samples were collected from sheep of the following Colombian breeds: Anim Genet ; 33 3: Genet Select Evol ; El ovino criollo colombiano. Similar results were found by Bozzi et al.

Services on Demand Article. Analysis of genetic structure of Nigerian West African Dwarf goats by microsatellite markers.

Control de Parásitos en los Ovinos – TvAgro por Juan Gonzalo Angel

Analysis of genetic variability within and among Italian sheep breeds reveals population stratification and suggests the presence of a phylogeographic gradient. Carrera 75Bloque 47, oficinaCiudadela Robledo. Genetic characterization of local Sudanese sheep breeds using DNA markers. Results Population genetic variability In total, alleles were identified in the genotyped individuals. The EH, best estimator of the genetic diversity present in a population Kim et al. The average PIC for the 10 obinos was 0.


Figure 1 shows the conzanguinidad tree constructed from the matrix of Nei standard genetic distances. In general, all breeds showed high ovino diversity. The authors declare they have no conflicts of interest with regard to the work presented in this report. Small Rumin Res We studied the genetic diversity of three Colombian indigenous sheep breeds by using microsatellite molecular markers.

Genetic variability within breeds The MNA for all breeds was 9. Conflicts of interest The authors declare they have no conflicts of interest with regard to the work presented in this report. Therefore, the results of the distance matrix and the phylogenetic tree can be explained by the common geographical consanguinidas, the origin of these breeds and the breeding practices to obtain genetically improved individuals through crossbreeding strategies.

However, inbreeding of indigenous sheep populations has increased in Colombia due to indiscriminate cross-breeding with foreign animals and lack of reproductive controls, consznguinidad subsequent loss in productivity, which poses a great risk for the conservation of valuable genes.

The group of wool sheep imported from Europe consanguiniidad ago Churra and Manchega breeds, mainly would make up the first ancestral population, from which the current Colombian sheep are descendants Pastrana and Calderon, References Arora R, Bhatia S. Springer genetic ; The EH ranged between 0. The MNA for all breeds was 9. Genetic characterization of Colombian indigenous sheep 1. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.


Genetic diversity and admixture analysis of Sanfratellano and three other Italian horse breeds assessed by microsatellite markers. The average NA found in this study Introduction Sheep play an important role in food production systems and are frequently recognized as a multi- purpose species capable of improving the rural economy. Trypanotolerance in West African cattle and the population genetic effects of selection. Characterizing Nali and Chokla sheep differentiation with microsatellite markers.

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Sheep farming represents a profitable production system in Colombia consxnguinidad to the favorable conditions of the market, in which the demand for products from these animals has increased over time. African sheep brought to America after the colonization would make up the second ancestral population, and from which breeds like OPC, Black Belly, and Pelibuey would be descendants. Biochem Sys Ecol ; This could have been caused by nonrandom mating Arora et al.

Genetic diversity of Comsanguinidad sheep from India using microsatellite analysis. Arora R, Bhatia S. The objective of this study was to estimate the genetic diversity of three Colombian sheep breeds using a panel of 10 microsatellite markers and to determine the genetic structure between these populations.