Tags: Chunksuperscriptsubscriptspecial charactersiText 5 .. NEWLINE); p = new Paragraph(“Items can’t be split if they don’t fit at the end: “, font); for (String. Example written by Bruno Lowagie in answer to: * questions//itextsharp-how-to-add-a-full-line-break * * We create a Chunk. NEWLINE to make sure that every country name starts on a new line. In the next Translated to iText and Java, a Phrase is an ArrayList of Chunk objects.

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Not embedding fonts is always a risk, especially if you need special glyphs in your document. You define a different font size 6 pt and set the font color to white.

Positive values rise the text, negative values lower the text. A value of 1 is normal and a value of 0. Glyphs are organized into fonts.

You ask iText to embed the characters BaseFont. The following shows the earlier example with p. Chunkn.ewline, all they should be used for is to change or set the style of a word or phrase inline.

Notice the extra line spacing between the two lines. The MM refers to the fact that these are Multiple Master fonts.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Finallylisting 2. Other than that, each individually styled string is applied to its own Chunk object, and then added to a Phrase to ensure that lines are wrapped in the PDF.


These properties are defined in the Font object.

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Element Checks if this element is a content object. Before going on, if you would like to read earlier articles, they are:. Behind the scenes, a PdfWriter and a PdfDocument object analyze these objects and translate them into the appropriate PDF syntax, positioning the content on one or more pages, taking into account the page size and margins. Creates a tab Chunk. The Chunk object contains a StringBuffer that represents a chunk of text whose characters all have the same font, font size, font style, and font color.

A positive value will be added to the left margin of the document; a negative value will be subtracted. One iyext the main reasons why people prefer PDF over any other document format is because PDF, as the name tells us, is a portable document format.

Separator examples

NOTE Characters in a file are rendered on screen or on paper as glyphs. The parameter is the distance from the baseline in user units. Sumit Kumar 96 9. Helvetica with style Bold. When testing the code to generate the PDF file, I inadvertently transposed two arguments in the constructor for the font I called lightbluein that I passed in the value Font.

NewLine”courier. Fields inherited from interface com. This is much more useful than Chunk.

Before going on, if you would like to read earlier articles, they are: Phrase class in IText represents a “phrase” of text. Finally you add Chunk. This had the effect of setting the font size to 0, which is the value that the constant is set to.

Chunks have no concept of how to force a new. When I created iText, I chose the word chunk for the atomic text element because of its first definition in my dictionary: This is no longer the case; most viewers replace these fonts. The paragraph earlier in the Chunk section of this article is as good as any to experiment with.


IAccessibleElement Gets chunk.neewline role of the accessible element. Get Started with Astyanax, the Cassandra java library by Netflix. The method createDirectorPhrase from listing 2.

Chunk examples | iText Developers

Allowed values are PdfContentByte. Actually, the line can be anywhere vertically and has always the Chunk width.

Paragraphs derive from Phrase, so they autommatically fit text within the horizontal boundaries of the document, but they also force a new line for each paragraph just as in any word processing application. If you take a close look at figure 2. Astyanax, the Cassandra Java library New blog post: FAQ What is the default leading in iText? You could have avoided this by replacing that line with this one:. FAQ Why is the data I retrieve from my database rendered as gibberish? Line Spacing Phrase objects knows how to add line spacing if the added phrase exceeds the right edge of the document.

The solution is to embed the font. The solution here is to use a different font that does have the appropriate glyph descriptions.