If you are primarily doing bojutsu, Ultimate Bo (traditional and combat) . Learn a Kata/Form: Rather than just learning random techniques here. Bojutsu techniques The Japanese martial art of wielding the bo is bojutsu. The basis of bojutsu techniques is te, or hand, techniques derived from Quanfa and. Although bo staff spinning isn’t the first things you’ll learn when studying bo staff, it’s certainly one of the more impressive techniques. Like with.

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By setting an actual day each week, or time to practice your bo and make progress, you are destined for success. January 3, at 7: July 13, at 2: This can be done within months, if you train a few times a week.

Bo Staff Techniques

Beware that some padded bos are simply a rod of wood, with a thin layer of rubber or similar material around it. Stepping back in a defensive stance with the staff ready, will allow you to throw the most disruptive strike a forward thrusta hard descending strike the bojutssu, ribs, legs; or an ascending strike to the kneecap. Please make sure you have a clear, wide training area. This is not just a set of training videos, but an entire distance training program.

It will give you a comfortable beginner level understanding. The way you explain each move is easy to understand.


The techhiques you are spinning it is slow and very easy to knock out of the hands with just a hand. Having a staff that is slightly longer than you gives you better reach, and lends best to traditional staff training, bojtusu as what you find in Ultimate Bo. If not, they should be able to order through their supplier, which will get you a bo at possibly a lower pricegreater selection, and no shipping. You will need a very lightweight, yet solid bo.


Here is a 5. If the bo is taller than you, it can be difficult to do certain rotations, and downward strikes, as the bo will make contact with the ground, this will become very frustrating. Time to move into some basic level strikes.

Legs are in a perfect line, past shoulder width, knees bent, legs almost parallel to the floor, back is straight, head forward.

September 4, at 2: Woods such as rattan, bamboo, and oak techniquee good options. Finding this site in the process was awesome.

August 14, at 9: Custom oak training weapons. I am a Kong Shin Bup practitioner and the first spin makes an agequate cover against attack. Have a blessed day, Michael.

It seem like I am in a class. August 25, at 4: I get it, you think bo is all about the hands and upper body.

Bo Staff Techniques – Black Belt Wiki

This is why I have an expanded, step-by-step section in my beginner level of the Ultimate Bo Course the yellow chevron level. This is texhniques awesome site. So, prior training in a traditional art like karate will reduce the learning curve, but you can still learn the staff without it. This way of learning is really great and will take it up very soon. In combat bo, we learn how to use the staff in the most primitive and common-sense way.


Remember that a bo is an over sized item, so expect to pay an added shipping fee due to its size.

What Size Bo should I Buy? That was definitely my intention. I want to learn the bo, because I think its a pretty awesome thing to know, but I also want to be able to take those skills that I learn and help other students at the local Taekwondo dojo that I teach at, that might be considering learning the bo as well.

Actually I have never owned a bo, but used to spin pool cues in bars when I was younger. Only really for fun and home uses but will probably use for sparring and mini fights with friends. Bring up your front knee, draw back the bo all the way in a straight line behind you, then step out into a deep long front stance and thrust the tip of the bo into the target.

Are you training to actually practice combat? One palm facing up and one palm facing down. October 12, at 8: A nicer cat stance means a more balanced, yet graceful uppercut.

Most bo beginners seem to overlook their stances. My Ultimate Bo techniues who practice consistently week after week do the best on their rank exams and are the star pupils.