Casca: The Eternal Mercenary – Book #1 of the Casca · Casca: The Eternal Mercenary. Barry Sadler. Out of stock. #2. Casca: God of Death – Book #2 of the. Casca. Today’s Cover The Eternal Mercenary created by Barry Sadler, forever fighting until the Second Coming. This website is dedicated to the history. The Eternal Mercenary (Casca, No. 1) [Barry Sadler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. book.

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I was so taken in by the original story, I started collecting every book I could find in the series at that time it was 8 or 9 books with new books added each year by Barry Sadler. The Barbarian by Barry Sadler. A victim of his immortal curse, Casca still lives… More. The problem is, I have read other books and manuscripts on this premise that I have truly adored, and while this is engaging, the writing didn’t sweep me away as those have.

A while back a friend of mine mentioned something barr a series of books following a man who is immortal, and this man was casc because he was cursed to live forever by Christ as he was dying on the Cross.

It provides the backstory and is very well done. Oh but he also curses you to be a soldier forever at war, never to know peace. Suffice to say I bought it and reread it in a day.

Sadler wrote the… More. At Golgotha, Casca stabbed Jesus with his spear, in an attempt to relieve Jesus of his pain and suffering.


This is the story of Casca the Roman legionnaire that stabbed Christ. This was a great book. Cascz Cambodian jungle…an easy place to die.

Casca Barry Sadler: Books | eBay

The author’s cqsca inspirations are very clear in the text, and Batry will say this: Then that you shall reman until we meet again. I really like the premise, the writing is really good and the story kept me engaged throughout.

Feb 16, Mike rated it liked it. This series of books starts off eadler Jesus condeming Casca to forever be what he is until they meet again. As the story unfolds we discover that his wounds hea I would love to read the whole series of books if they are like this one. He was filled with pride Sergeant Casey Romain’s real identity is Casca Rufio Longinus; the Roman legionnaire who thrust his spear into the side of Jesus Christ at His crucifixion on Golgotha hill in Jerusalem nearly 2, years ago!

The Eternal Mercenary

He is not exactly a good guy, but he is not bad, and he seems like he is on a journey to discover the mystery of his own existence. If you like your fighting brutal and observations unfiltered with some poignant nuggets of history strewn in between, start reading this series and begin with this book. As I go now to My Father, you barrry one day come to Me.

Soldier of Gideon by Barry Sadler.

Most of the novel, however, is a flashback of how Casca came to be. This first book sad,er with Casca, or Casey Romain as he was known in the American army in Without a doubt this is one of my favourite series. A new legend in the 2-million-copy-… More. As the astonished staff looks on, his tissues visibly repair themselves. Oct 16, Ira Livingston rated it it was amazing.


Casca: The Eternal Mercenary: Barry Sadler: : Books

He csaca a huge racist at the time of this books writing, and he’s an even bigger racist now. Being a huge fan of pulp, Casca seemed to be a character that I would enjoy. Panzer Soldier by Barry Sadler.

Showing of reviews. You would think if he vastly outlived all his peers, that he would have became more of a learned man. Then that you shall remain until we meet again.

This was subsequently withdrawn in following the collapse of Americana Audio. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Casca is a series of paperback novels, and since Januaryebooks as well, created and written by author Barry Sadler in It is run by an elder, who oversees the sect’s hierarchy, the Inner Circle. The Outlawwhich were written by Michael Acsca. The Outcast by Paul Dengelegi. No, it isn’t great prose but I found it just great fun to read.

He puts, in my opinion, a new facet into historical-fiction novels.

For those who are curious what quotes really got to me, I found myself highlighting provocative passages as I read for my book club.