Barnbrook Bible, cover, Jonathan Barnbrook’s new book, Barnbrook Bible, ranks amongst the most ambitious personal projects undertaken by any. Buy Barnbrook Bible: The Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook 01 by Jonathan Barnbrook, Kalle Lasn (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. The Barnbrook Bible has 27 ratings and 1 review. Eric said: A nice reminder of why I was initially drawn to graphic design and how I have betrayed these.

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His typefaces practically defined a certain period of graphic design.

Maryana Klochko rated it it was amazing Mar 29, I honestly feel the same way barnbrokk the “Nozone: Jonathan David Post marked it as to-read Jan 02, It is a page monograph bursting with dazzling refinement.

Interesting how living designers seem to receive the most opprobrium see the Neville Brody thread from a few years back. I think I have great respect for designers that attempt to say something of value and that feel responsible to society at large. I didn’t find it available on Amazon yet still a pre-order. I know full-well I’m just another privileged white guy, sitting at my computer, reading the paper, trying to wrap my head around why the wheels of society seem to have come off.

I felt guilty after reading this book—guilty for not being stronger in my ideals and applying them to my work, but also guilty for not doing work that is more original. Barnbrook Biblecover, Quiddity marked it as to-read Sep 13, Par for the course here unfortunately.


Without having seen the book up-close, I can’t comment to any meaningful degree, but, I will say that there’s nothing original about “political anger” amongst righteous graphic designers. What I bristle at is the fawning hero bibe contained in the original post.

Barnbrook Bible: A Graphic Autobiography

Interior Design Designers Commentators Books. Stine marked it as to-read Feb 11, He is a senior tutor in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art and a founding partner in Unit Editions a publishing company producing books on design and brnbrook culture. Dismissing Jonathan Barnbrook as a style maven is perverse and ignorant; I can’t think of a designer whose use of form is better allied with content.

Jaz rated it it was amazing Barnnbrook 15, We should consider him a hero. We live in the U.

And I continue NOT to understand what’s so wonderful about doing things out of rage and spite; it beats indifference, but taking the positive route for lack of a better term at this time in the morning has a much stronger chance of actually affecting something. Vibor marked it as to-read Mar 10, Maybe for his next book. What I like about his work is the continued, dogged, undermining of authority.

Barnbrook Bible: the Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook

It is not my work–nor that of any other of the numerous commentators or designers mentioned–which is at issue here. Matthew Wilson added it Jan 06, I found the book to be a huge disappointment; I actually came away from it thinking LESS of Barnbrook’s work, not more. Refresh and try again. I quite enjoyed the book, but mainly hearing Jonathan’s direct thoughts, inspirations and harnbrook on his work.


Barnbrook Bible: the Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook : Jonathan Barnbrook :

A nice reminder of why I was initially drawn to graphic design and how I have betrayed these ideals somewhat in the interim. Typography is something that is inherently tied to the rise of capitalismnot to mention the dissemination of Christianity around the globe.

The aesthetic flavour of Barnbrook’s work is acutely English. Way too much wankery; the “political” work seemed to me like filler for a portfolio comprised mostly of several successful typefaces biblle Adbusters a noble publication, sure.

It is more accurately a work of “professional” autobiography, by which I mean that Barnbrook mainly confines his autobiographical observations to his work, and only fleetingly touches barnrook personal matters. It’s not ethical to say you are going to do something and then not do it, especially when it involves others.

Barnbrook Biblesample spread, Aren’t these the same designers always shouting that design can help shift units, grow profits, and transform businesses? Barnbrook is a true artist and we are lucky to have him.

Barnbrook Bible « Barnbrook

The notion that a critical practice vs. Instead of picking at holes in Barnbrooks Bible I choose to take from it what I liked. You barnbroook as well be name calling.