So far a book “Baigais gads” (“Horrible Year”), published in Riga during German occupation in , has been an important source of visual information. The Soviet occupation of Latvia in refers, according to the European Court of Human .. This has also been referred to, in Latvian, as “Baigais Gads” (Year of Terror). (This term was also used in anti-Soviet propaganda of the period— these. Jump to: General, Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, Sports, Tech, Phrases We found one dictionary that includes.

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In Latvian, ‘baigais’ means both ‘ghastly’ shockingly dreadful and ‘terrible’ severely distressing. In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution ofLatvia declared its independence on November 18, baaigais The areas set aside for the gdas and airfields remain the territory of the Latvian Republic.

University Press of America. Tribunals were set up to punish “traitors to the people. Four months before the arrival of Soviet troops in Latvia, Vilhelms Muntersaddressing an audience at the University of Latvia on February 12,stated, “We have every reason to describe the relations existing between Latvia and the Soviet Union as very satisfactory.

There were no impediments remaining to Stalin, in concert with Hitler, achieving his aims in the Baltics. Gada of the German-Latvian pact were exchanged in Berlin on July 24, and it became effective on the same day. Jiri on Soviet man-made famines.

News items that prob… on Solzhenitsyn: Soviet occupation Britannica Online Encyclopedia: According to the Serov Instructionsthe deportations were swift and efficient and came in the middle of the night.

They made rules bajgais repressive, even bordering on the trivial.

Celebrating 85 Years of Friendship” at state. Russia officially ended its military presence in Latvia in August following the decommissioning of the Skrunda-1 radar station, which was the last active Russian military radar in the Baltics. On October 5,the Finns had been invited to Moscow to “discuss mutual problems. Stalin’s deportations also included thousands gasd Latvian Jews.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Stalin then moved forward with his part of the Pact, ordering the Red Army on September 17 to cross the Soviet-Polish frontier under the claimed necessity to protect the Belarusians and Ukrainians in the territory of Poland, which Soviets argued “ceased to exist” in the wake of German successes.

A Latvian historian writes: It all started in the summer of when the Soviets arrived in Latvia to take over the government. Hundreds of men were arrested, including baigqis leaders of the Republic of Latvia.

An unfathomable darkness, a madness, a mockery of honour and a rejection of all virtue sought to annihilate nothing less than the soul of the Latvian nation, a people for more than 4, years.

In Generalplan Ost was drawn up by Nazi Germany covering eastern countries.

These losses all began during the first Soviet occupation. Jewish fears of the Nazis—which had led some to look upon the Soviet occupation gas a measure of security— were to prove tragically well founded. Immediate confiscation of property and execution within 24 hours was decreed for diplomats abroad who refused to recognize the new regimes and return to Latvia.

baigais gads – Wiktionary

According to this account, the lawful government of Latvia was overthrown in and Soviet rule was imposed by force. The mass deportation totalledacross the Baltics. A Lithuanian government official claims to have seen a document envisaging the removal offrom Lithuania. Timeline of the Molotov—Ribbentrop Pact. The informers were everywhere. Baigais Gads Latvia Year of horror.

Soviet occupation of Latvia in 1940

In this way, through the laws that showed who you could criticize and whom you could not, people were made aware who was boss, who controlled the government, who ruled over them. This was killing by stealth. Soviet political and military forces tried unsuccessfully to overthrow the Latvian government. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ebrejs, translated as ‘Hebrews’ or ‘Jews’ is considered the proper polite term by Latvian Jews.


When those failed to develop into a general baugais, the Soviets blamed that failure on the “irresponsible element which spoils the good neighbourly relations. In Latvia at that time, the use of this term instead of ‘Communist’ was a deliberate attempt to show dislike, contempt and disrespect and the portrayal of such persons as uneducated brutes as opposed to political idealists.

baigais gads

With memories of the mass deportations of a week before still fresh, the German troops were widely greeted at their arrival by the Latvians as liberators.

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On August 21,Latvia claimed de facto independence. Thus, the second secret protocol, which was signed on September 28 in Moscow, came into being.

Its landscape is marked by wide beaches as well as dense, sprawling forests. Corpses were inspected by a commission consisting of judges for important cases, prosecutors and medical doctors appointed by the government.

The book was published in in Riga, Latvia. Pages reproduced below come from the website: In July the country stepped on the road of the restoration of its independenceand after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Latvia’s sovereignty was fully restored in This demonstration was organized to draw the world’s attention to the common historical fate which these three countries suffered.

Soviet Russia in the Second World Warpage