The AquaForte SmartSieve with a micron screen, twin 4 inch inlets, gallons per hour capacity and a price of $ including shipping. A new breakthrough in technology and price level! Twin inlets (mm) Patented flow regulation. Strong Polyethylene housing. Improved edges around sieve. Has anyone using one of these sieves any feed back would be welcome, Cant find anything about them bar the basic on the Aquaforte website.

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The top hole being for maximum flow the bottom for minimum. To me, there are probably only a few possibilities with the problem this guy is experiencing: Pond water will flow over the top of the auto-adjustable dam A.

Aquaforte Smart Sieve

Right you are Zac!! When my pump is off, both sections input and suction sides will flood. Flexible Rubber Boot Connectors. My zquaforte is a gph.

I’m going to put in a Zakki Sieve instead. Polyethylene manufactured gravity sieve filter.

This gives the filter added strength as smartsieeve are no seams, and with this type of construction method, lower production costsare achieved as there is less manual work involved. I have no clue on actual flow.

Looking at the video first 20 seconds posted by Spaun it looks like the SmartSieve has the same problem as my Aquatorte though and it might not be easy to fix on the SmartSieve? Cloverleaf Automatic Fish Feeders. Dirty Harry Pre Filter.

Xclear Automatic Fish Feeders. This dam is connected to the floater so its height is automatically This one is blue in color and is made on the cheap side, thus the reason for some dealers to carry them instead of the midi as there’s more profit margin snartsieve them.


After work tonight I will install my pump and try and get a video of it in operation. Sorry, haven’t seen these two units mentioned here in the US.

I just cant get them to seat right. It looks like it setting low compared to the pond. When set up properly, the suction side pulls enough water that it is a non issue.

Because there is little handiwork in sight, the production is much lower than the traditional sieve filters.

Advantages An advantage of the UltraSieve Low Series is that they are only 75 centimetres high, so the filter room does not have to be so deep. Depending on the flow. So every time aquxforte pump is turned off, aquafortd the sieve container fills with water, the container walls will bow out. Or move the Aquadyne filter to the skimmer circuit. In the video it clearly shows that when the sieve fills all the way with water, IE the water level inside the sieve is the same as the QT tank right next to him, there is still an 1″ or so of plastic above the water level.

You might also be interested in the following items or information: I really don’t think we should be blaming the end user. Should have it done this weekend and will do a full review. There was minor leakage. This would help hold the integrity of the shape. It uses a push rod to open and close it. Koi Cafe Auto Fish Feeder. The AquaForte Econo Sieve is a plain gravity fed sieve filter for a very competitive price! Pond Liner Repair Kits.

This post is not aimed at any one person in particular The all new gravity fed Smart Sieve filter is produced by means of a special rotation technique, so that the main filter body is constructed and produced in just one single piece.

  FORM 77-043 PDF

Aqua Forte Sieve Filters – Pond Filters

With lower production costs, compared to traditional sieve filters, the Aqua Forte Smart Sieve can be offered for a very attractive price in the market place without any loss of functionality or quality. The weir door itself only has about 2 inches of movement let me read aquafofte on this issue and I will post some pics when my phone charges up.

I have just been very busy and my phone was broken. Spaun can you easily flex the sidewalls of the filter by hand? Here is a great case and point Silicone and Solvents Adhesives.

I measured the bottom of the weir to the top of the sieve. Superfish Auto Fish Feeder. Reason is water outlet at the top is too smaartsieve so water hits the black stripes on each side and travels down to the waste area on them instead of going through the sieve. The SmartSieve can therefore at a very attractive price in the market put. Surely this is a problem because if you turn your pump off for some reason maintenance, etc the water level before the weir will rise but we need to prevent this from getting into the waste area, don’t we?

AquaForte Sieve Filters

One of these sieves can handle both your 4″ bottom drains, no problem. Not going to be happy if Aquafortee have that problem Ill tell you that. The sieve consists of hundreds of triangular profile wires set 0.