The Remarkable Account of Ibn Fadlan . But the most important eyewitness account of the Rus is of Ahmed ibn Fadlan, a writer about whom little is known, but. Ibn Fadlan: An Arab Among the Vikings of RussiaOverviewIn , the Arab traveler Ahmad ibn Fadlan (fl. s) went on a diplomatic mission to what is now . Ahmad Ibn-Fadlan says: When а letter of al-Hasan son of Baltavar, the malik of Kipchaks, arrived to the ruler of the righteous al-Muktadir, in which he asked him .

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Besides other geographical treatises, it contains a fuller version of Ibn Fadlan’s text pp. Sometimes one woman may wear many bands around her neck.

So, Allah be the witness, I am really in the remote location, where you see me, but I really respect my Lord, the ruler of the righteous, and I particulerly afraid that he would hear about me something that he would consider disgusting, so that he would damn me and I will perish in my far location, while he would remain in his state and between me and him would be the expenses of the far countries.

However, Sheik Khasan dissuaded them. So, when I came to him, he ordered to me to sit, and I sat down, and he threw me the letter of the ruler of the righteous and said: They cannot, of course, avoid washing their faces and their heads each day, which they do with the filthiest and most polluted water imaginable.

And as he has risen, also rose four maliks and his children, and we rose also as he did it three times.

The Travels of Ibn Fadlan

The 30 one-hour episodes tackle the relations between Islam and Europe at two moments: And, really, the Kipchak malik called secretary to write to the Sultan Caliph and to ask him that he has constructed for him a fortress, as he was afraid of the Khazar malik.


When he was driven to resignation about it; he gave an order to the muezzin to proclaim ikama twice, and he did it.

With his straightforward style, he leaves the reader with the impression that he is merely describing what he perceives as fact, rather than stating his own opinion. They sailed by a boat to Arbuga present Syzran – Translator’s Note.

The Travels of Ibn Fadlan | Muslim Heritage

When the night came, I and translator came to him, and he sat in the yurt, we had a letter of Nadir al-Hurami which suggested to him to accept Islam lit: At lines, it is notable for its length. And it remains suspended, until time would wear it out and winds would fluff it.

And if he paid it, he goes without shyness, until he enters the premise where she is, and takes her in the presence of her father and her mother and her brothers and they do not interfere with him. So, when I arrived to that country, I asked malik about him.

Ibn-Fadlan – “Risalya” – TurkicWorld

And under this yard and this tomb? The come the day he died.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Eaters of the Dead: Manuscript in sheets with 25 lines per page. In Burtas Susan Ar-Rassi visited a mosque and consecrated it with a pray. I did not have time to rouse that day as a crowd of merchants ib arrived to me and said: Share your thoughts with other customers.

The travel diary of A. I saw the Khorezm dirhams chopped and lead, and light-weighted and copper. And what he Caliph had the reason for sending these riches to him, it was ahmaad the construction about which we already informed, and for the payment for the fakihs and mu’allims for the village known under name Artahushmatin in the Khoresm land, from among the villages of Ibn-al-Furat.


Baghdad, ahmxd its libraries and schools of translation, had been the intellectual fadlann of the world for more than a century. This is touched upon in the beginning of the movie, when the slave-girl is being hoisted repeatedly over the door-frame-like structure and reports seeing her master in the other world. I have never seen more perfect physiques than theirs—they are like palm trees, are fair and reddish, and do not wear the qurctaq or the caftan.

Fantastic translastion and academic resource.


Each of them has a slave-girl who waits on him, shmad his head and prepares his food and drink, and another whom he uses as concubine. One of them said: And so we left from him that day. Each one carried a stick the end of fadlaan he had set fire to and which he threw on top of the wood. Sometimes business is good and he makes a quick sell, at which point he will say, “My Lord has satisfied my request, so I am required to recompense him.

We went until we reached the river Bagnadi.